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Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security BSc. - Coventry University

I recently graduated from Coventry University with a First Class Honours in Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security, BSc 🥳.

My degree covered a broad range of topics, with modules covering both traditional computer science and more specific cyber security areas - including, but not limited to:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Digital Forensics
  • Secure Programming & Exploit Development
  • Network Management and Design
  • Networked Systems Architecture
  • Systems Security
  • Operating Systems, Networks, and Security

Whilst at Coventry University, I was twice elected as the Inclusion Officer for the Coventry University Hackathon Society - the committee of which organises the annual student-led hackathon; CovHack.

CovHack Organiser and Hackathon Society Committee Member

Me Discussing Fire Safety at CovHack2020
Me Discussing Fire Safety at CovHack2020

The CovHack organising team first ran the hackathon in 2019 - the pilot event attracted 67 attendees and 5 volunteers. The second iteration, creatively named CovHack2020, attracted 161 attendees and 12 volunteers, as well as becoming a Major League Hacking affiliated event.

My main functions across both hackathons were to write the risk assessments and to manage the health, safety and security of staff and attendees during the event - as well as lead in these areas of the opening talks (as seen above)! This involved coordinating with various stakeholders to ensure we had everything we needed to run the event in a safe and inclusive manner.

After the 2019 interation, we had some feedback from attendees asking for a more formal judging structure so that attendees could know what we wanted to see. To implement this, I created the CovHack 2020 Judging Criteria based on the MLH LocalHackDay Themes - "learn, build, share" - and formed a pre-selected judging panel made up of volunteers, sponsors, and myself.

The role is paired with my position on the Coventry University Hackathon Society committee as the elected Inclusion Officer. Beyond the annual event, the society runs regular meetings, workshops, and socials throughout the academic year.